Litigation Investments

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Litigation financier and litigant party - added value and an extraordinary combination

Litigation Investments can act as ‘litigation financier and litigant party and’ and take full responsibility for a claim case. 

To act as both a litigation financier and litigant party is a special combination. It is not permitted in many Anglo-Saxon countries, but allowed in and from the Netherlands. There are no/few organisations offering this option within Europe. Usually, parties offer to finance the litigation, but they generally do not have their own investment funds available, and mainly fulfil the role of mediator between lawyers, financiers, and claimants, whereby the claimants are often the litigant party in a claim case.

The combination of litigation financier and litigant party can add a substantial value to a potential claim case. It allows us to select the most high-potential claim cases, to closely monitor and manage the claim procedure, and often achieve a swift resolution of the claim (through settlement, and without legal action). An assignment model allows us to have the demand transferred to Litigation Investments so that we can act as the litigant party. For each claim case, we assess which formula would work best for all those involved, and the aspects where we wish to/can take responsibility.

More than just crossing - legal - swords

It is not just the legal matters that allow a claim case to be resolved or settled out of court, keeping it from both the courts and media attention.

As well as our legal arsenal, we also have the ability and expertise to utilise many more weapons to achieve a good result for a claim case. From a media-technical aspect, for example, we can intentionally bring certain elements to the attention of the public in the interest of society and/or the dispute. 

Many financial matters are brought to a close without legal intervention and never reach the public. This is particularly relevant if the other party is sensitive/vulnerable to media attention and wishes to prevent a dispute or certain event being placed under legal/public scrutiny. 

Our pugnacity and fighting spirit can be seen as The American Way!

We combine the legal knowledge and experience of the most excellent lawyers and advisors with the competence and influence of investors/entrepreneurs.

The contribution of investors/entrepreneurs and advisors, channelled in a focus on results through legal knowledge and skills from top lawyers, allows us to assess and manage potential claim cases in optima forma.

We can think and act out of the box and will only stray from our preconceived pigeonholes if so required by the case and/or fairness and justice.